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Depending on where you and your pet live, the weather outside may be cold, snowy or wet. But, that doesn’t mean you have to remain cooped up inside and avoid the fresh air! We’ve compiled our three favorite activities you and your dog can do throughout the winter months: PLAY IN THE SNOW! Live in a snowy part of the country? Great! Most dogs love running, jumping and playing in the snow! Use a bright colored visible toy for playing fetch, or even create a fun obstacle course by building “snow jumps” for your dog to master! Just be sure to remove built up snow balls on your dog’s coat when you return home, so they are comfortable and not tracking in snow through the house! It is important to keep in mind that winter is a popular month for lost pets, when playing outdoors. Always be sure your pet is properly identifiable with an I.D. tag or microchip. VOLUNTEER While anytime is a good time to volunteer your time, winter can be a great time for you and your pet to spend time with others who may not have very much company. Most of the time, residents of senior centers or nursing homes love the attention and comfort a pet can provide. Call your local nursing home or animal shelter to see what volunteer opportunities are available. Some pets may need to pass a behavior assessment test to make sure they are behaved and comfortable enough around others to visit a home. GET SOCIAL! Just as people like to get together… dogs do too! Schedule a play date or offer to watch a friend’s dog for the afternoon. The increased activity will provide your dog with plenty of action and attention. You can even offer a dog-watching exchange so you and your pooch can get in some quality time with friends.

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