Teach your Dog to Stay Out of the Garden

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With spring in the air, flowers and plants are finally budding and blossoming. Although we all love our pets dearly, sometimes they don’t make nice with our beautiful gardens- and even worse, some plants can make our dogs sick! Here are some tips to keep them out. First and foremost, if you haven’t yet built your garden, try to plant on a raised platform. The higher they are out of reach, the better. If having a raised garden isn’t an option for you at the moment, try to find a spot for your dog to do all of its digging. Differentiate the difference and make it known. Do this by burying some goodies and this will give them that initiative to dig in their digging spot. They’ll start to really like that spot and hopefully not like the spot where you are planting. Try leash training. Walk him or her around in the yard and tighten your grip when your dog gets close to the garden. Show and communicate that the garden is a no play zone. Hopefully these quick tips will get you excited about the warmer weather and get “fido” less excited about the garden!

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