Running with Dogs!

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Believe it or not, dogs can be very similar to us when it comes to exercise: We feel better once we do it, and we can definitely benefit from it. If you’re planning on running with your dog it’s important to get them acquainted so eventually they can become the best of running companions! It’s always smart to warm up before you start your run. Walk for about 5-10 minutes before you actually start running and check to make sure your dog isn’t experiencing anything abnormal like limping or excessive heavy breathing. Make sure your dog stays hydrated throughout the day. Dogs can easily become dehydrated, especially on long runs or in warm weather. Consider bringing a portable doggie dish, or you can teach them to receive water from a water bottle as well. Start out slowly, and then build your way up. Just as if you were training for a rave, it’s important to slowly build up your mileage. You don’t want to tire out your dog, and this is the best way to build your stamina, for the both of you. Always remember, safety first! Avoid running when it’s dark, always have a leash, and watch out for any unusual signs from your dog. Enjoy the miles!

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