Pet Peeves

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Your Pets may Have Problems, Its sad but its true. So at ThunderWorks, we thought, well what could we do?

We love working at ThunderWorks! Our company is dedicated to improving the lives of Pets and their families, and that makes us feel pretty good. This Short, Dr. Seuss inspired, animation was created to show just a few of the “Pet Peeves” and problems we have been working hard to find solutions for. Enjoy!

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  1. Just started using the thundershirt with my cat. He started to purr but he has trouble standing without falling over. How do I deal with that
    so he doesn’t fall down the steps, etc.?

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      This is a totally normal reaction for cats, which is caused by the same reflex that causes kittens to stay still when picked up by the scruff of their neck – We call it the freeze and flop! As you noticed, most cats will begin to purr and are very comfortable. After some time getting used to wearing the ThunderShirt (usually just a couple hours) most cats will begin to walk and move around like normal.

      1. I really HOPE so because my Hershey is dealing with two other cats that are twice her size. She started scratching her face, licking her body until it was red and raw. I changed her to a healthier diet that she loves. Her fur started to grow back, she looked happier and than all of a sudden she started pooping out of her box, hiding and scratching herself. She’s been on meds that are only temporary relief. I bought this thunder shirt today for her so I a PRAYING it works. I understand she may do the drop and flop dance but I hope she’s gets up and walks after a while.

  2. I have 2 five month old Toy Schnauzer puppies that are excessive barkers. They get very, VERY excited when meeting new people and any other size dog. Their excessive barking and anxiousness takes place during our daily walks. Additionally they bark excessively when we’re out of our apartment even if it’s two hours. Have tried other calming tablets containing melatonin to no avail. Consulted with sales associate at Unleashed and they recommended your Calming Collar and Calming Diffuser.
    Bought both pups a collar and also the diffuser kit on June 9, 2018. I’ll repost as the next few weeks moves forward. I do have “high” hopes. We’ll soon see!

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