National Stress Awareness Month, a Good Reminder For Pets Too!

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-ThunderWorks reminds all pet parents to look for signs and solutions to pet anxiety and stress-

The month of April marks Stress Awareness Month; a day that promotes the awareness of modern stress challenges and helps individuals find solutions to battle their stress.  Stress affects everyone and what people may not know is that stress also affects our pets. A recent survey reported that more than 29 percent of dogs suffer from fear and anxiety, which is why we here at ThunderWorks, the makers of are encouraging all pet owners to recognize and find solutions for stress and in their pets. Here’s some tips to help pet parents recognize and treat potentially stressful or anxious pets:
  • Pay attention to possible stress/anxiety triggers: If you notice your pet’s behavior changing, try and identify what the outside influencers may be. The most common anxiety triggers include: thunderstorms; loud noises; larger, unfamiliar crowds; travel and separation.
  • Weather and storm-related anxiety can cause pets to shake, shiver, bark and become irritable. One solution is the ThunderShirt, which applies a gentle constant pressure to a pet’s body, similar to the feeling of a hug, The added gentle pressure provides a simple and safe solution to calm your dog, naturally.  Additionally you can provide a more calming sensory experience for your dog with the ThunderSpray, which can be sprayed onto the ThunderShirt to and uses calms scents and pheromones to ease a pet’s anxiety.
  • If your pet is experiencing crowd or noise anxiety, set aside a place in your house where they can go to feel comfortable and quiet, bring their favorite toy or consider a ThunderToy and ThunderTreat for added distraction.
  • If your pet becomes stressed or unruly during public walks, a harness such as the ThunderLeash will help give constant gentle feedback to calm them down.
  • Signs of travel anxiety include carsickness, barking, whining, pacing, scratching and restlessness. Many dogs become dangers to themselves and others by jumping on the driver or otherwise distracting concentration from the road. Using the ThunderShirt prior to car entry can help combat a pet’s erratic behavior, even for short car rides.
  • Behaviors such as chewing, indoor elimination and defecation commonly alight with separation anxiety. While separation is an unavoidable reality for most households with pets, ThunderShirt provides an all natural, calming solution with no training needed.

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