Memorial Day Travel Anxiety Tips

What is Travel Anxiety?

For some dogs, letting your tongue flop in the breeze while cruising down the road is the adventure of a lifetime. For others, just seeing the car door open can send them into a frenzy of anxiety or over-excitement. Lots of dogs suffer from issues during travel which can create real problems for taking your dog to the vet, the groomer, or anywhere involving a car trip.

Symptoms of Travel Anxiety

Car travel anxiety can present itself in many ways such as carsickness, barking, whining, pacing, scratching and vomiting. Many dogs become dangers to themselves and others by jumping on the driver or otherwise distracting concentration from the road. Like other forms of dog anxiety, these symptoms can often result in injury to your dog, damage to your property, and expensive cleaning and repairs. These negative travel experiences can also compound the fear a dog already feels toward vet visits and groomer visits.

Whether you’re planning a trip or kicking it at home this Memorial Day Weekend, we’ve got some tips to help you and your favorite furballs stay safe this holiday.


  • ID and Papers: You know your pets need their ID tags in case they get lost, but medical records are also important to have on hand in case of a medical emergency.
  • Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel: Check out Bring Fido to search for pet-friendly hotels. *Pro Tip: Bring Fido also lets you search for pet-friendly Restaurants, Activities and more!
  • Pet-Centered Road Trip Apps: There are a ton out there, but “Red Cross Pet First Aid” and “Dog Park Finder Plus” are two of the most useful.


  • Something Old, Something New: If your pet will be staying away from home, send familiar items – a blanket that smells like home, or an old shirt that smells like you. But also give ‘em a good distraction – leave them a new toy or chew that they’ll have fun exploring (or destroying) while you’re away.
  • Be the Zen Master. Pets will pick up on their owners’ emotions. If you’re stressed – guess what, your fluffy friend will be too.
  • Quality Time: Spend some extra time with your pet before you leave. Get plenty of exercise in. A tired pet is much more likely to relax during the transition.

Staying Home?

  • Loud Noises: We all like to celebrate, and some of us get loud. Maybe you’ve got a full 4-generation family reunion or the neighbors are setting off firecrackers, but remember that pets have much more sensitive hearing than humans, and they may need a little extra help staying calm.
  • Quiet Time: If your pet gets overexcited around new people, let them have their own space away from the party and don’t let anyone interrupt their private peace.
  • No Table Scraps: Although it’s hard not to be a sucker for those puppy dog eyes, remember that many foods at the picnic table can be dangerous for our pets. Here’s a list of People-Only foods from the ASPCA. If you suspect your pet might have gobbled up one of these items, call Animal Poison Control: (888) 426-4435.

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