Guest Blogger: Sandy Robins

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Thanks again to Sandy Robins for her guest blog post this week!
Howl’oween is the most popular event on the pet calendar. Most dogs seem to enjoy accompanying their family members to go trick and treating in the neighborhood as well as the camaraderie of taking part in a special doggie parade. However, if your dog is a scaredy cat when it comes to all this dress-up fun and activity, it’s important take his anxiety seriously. Don’t subject him to an outfit and force him to come face to face with other dressed up dogs in the neighborhood. Rather leave him at home and put him in a ThunderShirt if you think the constant ringing of the doorbell is going to upset him too. Multi pet households, usually means each dog has a different personality and there’s no reason for your more gregarious pooches to lose out on the fun. If you are planning to dress up your outgoing doggie family members, be sure to purchase outfits well in advance and allow your pets to try them out at home on several occasions before the actual day. There’s no shortage of costume ideas for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  And while it may be traditional to transform your pooch into pumpkin, a witch or the devil, in fact, anything goes! You can find pet costumes at just about any major retail outlet, Halloween or pet specialty store nationwide. When selecting a costume, look for soft, lightweight fabrics and no loose ties. Avoid any ornamentation that could possibly be swallowed. If your dog simply refuses to dress up, consider painting a fun design on his fur with non-toxic pet paint that will easily wash out afterwards. Kids will definitely enjoy getting involved creating fun designs. You can use cookie cutters in fun shapes to hold again his fur and spray on the paint. Whatever you decide, always ensure your dog is wearing up-to-date identification tags. When it comes to trick and treating, chocolate is highly poisonous for dogs and candy is as bad for canine teeth as it is for humans. Most doggy bakeries go to town on occasions such as Howl’oween making biscuits shaped in all sorts of appropriate festive shapes such as witches, bats and devils. So be sure to get your pet his own supply of doggie confectionary. Dogs that like to carry things around in their mouths may even enjoy a rawhide-shaped pumpkin or cat. Don’t forget to cater for trick or treating dogs that come to your home too! If you are taking part in a doggie parade, dress up your pooch just before the line-up, as some costumes tend to be warm.  Be sure to take plenty of water along for your pet to lap up en-route. Again, double check that he’s wearing ID! Never let children take charge of the dog on trick and treat neighborhood outings; there are far too many distractions. Holding a flashlight and a candy bag is probably all they can handle. Instead, make sure your dog is on a strong leash with an adult on the other end and don’t allow your doggie pal to accompany children right up to the front door in case the incumbent witch-dog or barking bat is not welcoming to any visiting canine on his doorstep! Have fun and make sure your dog doesn’t eat all the treats he gets in one go!  

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