Fun Things For Doggies To Do During Barbeques

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Barbeque season is just around the corner! Here are some fun activities to do with your dog during these family get-togethers. Bring some bubbles. These are always a huge hit with the kids, have your dog play with them! The kids can blow the bubbles while your dog can chase after them, be sure to not use too much soap and that the bubbles are non-toxic. Make a scavenger hunt. Hide some fun treats and toys for your dog while he spends the afternoon looking for them. This will give you some freedom to socialize while your dog has a blast of its own. Doggie “pup”-sicles anyone? Freeze some toys and goodies in a water bowl with some chicken broth. What better way for your dog to cool off in a delicious way! Kids love dogs. Dogs love kids…. in moderation. If your dog is comfortable around youngsters, arrange some fun activities they can do together. Playing fetch or throwing a Frisbee is always a great choice and both the kids and dogs are entertained. Make sure to pick a light-weight ball just in case they hit someone!! And pay attention to your dog to see if they’ve had enough playtime in case they need a break. As always, be observant of your dog if they are becoming uncomfortable with large crowds or strangers in the house- consider their stress levels and make sure they have a place to retreat to if needed.

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