Doggone Games: Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog!

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Not only is Hide and Seek the perfect game to play with your kids, but dogs love it too! This is a fun way to interact with your dog as well as build the bond between dogs and humans! Here are a few tips to start a game of Hide and Seek with your dog!
  1. The trick to get it started is to start easy in the house. Go ahead and hide until they find you, then reward them with a small and healthy treat. Gradually start doing longer distances until they get the idea.
  2. Whistle or call for them to keep them interested in the game and to avoid distractions.
  3. Once comfortable in a house or yard setting, try playing in the park or outdoors, just make sure they don’t wander too far away!
Not only is this a fun pastime to do with your dog, but it teaches them obedience and the importance of finding you. For example, if you’re out on a hike together and you happen to lose each other their instinct will automatically tell them to go and find you. Good dog!

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