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  1. We have a very active wire fx terrier male who has exhibited excessive anxiety when put in his crate , letting outside, letting inside and basically anything having to do with doors. We evwn had to replace our wooden french doors as he had chewed the doors coming and going thru them. Once a metl door was installed he left the door alone but continues to chew on the wooden railings going down from the porch. Needless to say we needed help and i couldnt talk the vet into doggie prozac. Her recommemdation was benedril..but having to give it around the clock wasnt an acceptable solution. enter an ad for Thundershirt. I immediatley ordered one and had my male wear it for 24 hrs straight. My husband asked me to remove it because the behavior had changed so dramatically he didnt like the too clm dog he was observing. However I put it on today after he attacked our new puppy for going into his crate when he has been so patient with her in the past. needless to say the calm behavior has returned and we are getting used to our new dramatically calm. I do wonder if there are times when I can remove it?

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