Be on Your Best Dog Behavior: 3 simple things to keep in mind when training your dog.

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1. Make sure to get your dog’s full attention when training them. Call out their name and make sure he or she is all-ears. Once they’re waiting on your command, that’s your cue. Make sure they know you have the authority and speak strong, with a steady voice. 2. Patience is key, for both of you. Dogs in training most certainly won’t get the trick the first time around, or the 10th time around, but they will eventually so bear with them. They won’t initially know what’s going on either, so just keep calm and have fun with it! Don’t let them get frustrated; stay happy and positive so they’ll enjoy training sessions and look forward to more. 3. Treats, treats, treats! Everyone knows that rewarding your pup with treats give them the incentive to repeat their trick. Make sure that the treats you’re rewarding them are healthy and in small amounts so they don’t get sick. Here’s a great snack to try! Grab some whole chicken franks and cut them into small pieces and throw them in the microwave until they puff up!

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