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Shades of Grey

From Premature Aging to Destructive Behavior, Pet Stress is a Serious Issue that Needs to be Combated. Click here to read the full article as featured in Pet Age Magazine. Anxiety is too often an insidious side effect of our …

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Combine the Powers of Calm!

If you are on this site, then chances are you have already heard of the calming power of a ThunderShirt. But now ThunderShirts can be even better! Introducing ThunderEase Calming Pheromones. Available for Dogs, Cats And Multi-Cat households. Plug in …

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Summer Fireworks!


Here’s an article linking to us all about dogs and fireworks, offering some pretty useful advice. Some of it’s obvious, such as don’t let your dog near the fireworks. I’d hope any dog owners could figure out that much! Check …