Wishing you a “Thunderful” 4th of July! Now, let’s have a treat!

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What a better of a way to include out pets in on the patriotic fun than to whip up these delicious red white and blue treats! We found this recipe from one of our favorite bloggers, Sugar the Golden Retriever and thought they make the perfect cool and summery treat for our favorite four-legged pals! Frosty Yogurt Berries Bone Parfait treats Ingredients ~1 tablespoon of Greek Yogurt ~1 tablespoon of Plain Yogurt ~2 teaspoon of fresh blackberries juice (=3 pieces of blackberries) 4 x-small pieces of strawberries 1 teaspoon of homemade toasted coconut honey oats (using old fashion oats, coconut oil and honey) Directions Use a Bone cookie cutter as a mold. Place it on a flat surface. We used a clear plate. 1. Pour into the mold ~ 1 tablespoon of Greek yogurt.* Freeze it for about an hour. *This is the first time we used Greek yogurt for frosty paw recipe. It does not freeze well unlike the regular plain yogurt.* 2. Pour ~2 teaspoons of the fresh blackberries juice. Smashed blackberries can be added too. Freeze it for about 20 to 30 minutes. 3. Place little pieces of strawberries. 4. Pour ~1 tablespoon of plain yogurt. Freeze it for 20 minutes. 5. Place the tasted oats on top. Freeze it for another 10-15 minutes.   Image via

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