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New testimonial from a Durham, NC Vet supporting the Thundershirt: “We’ve been using Thundershirt for a short time at my clinic now, and the initial feedback from our clients is very positive. Thundershirt worked very well for a Cocker Spaniel with severe noise phobia; she rested peacefully on the couch through 4th of July fireworks…a real improvement. Thundershirt appears to be good alternative solution to try versus medications. And it will definitely “Do no harm.” ~ Dr. Donald Heagren, DVM, Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital, Durham, North Carolina. Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Cure

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  1. Dear Makers of Thundershirt,
    I purchased an XL heather gray Thundershirt for my dog. He is a beautiful black lab named Tobey we adopted 9 years ago when he was a year old. As a younger dog he never really seemed to have any issues with noises, even though he is still in very good health, the older he has gotten the more fearful he has become of storms, fireworks, things that make a high pitched beeping sound. It had gotten so bad we had to use a benzodiazapine for animals called Acepromazine. Well when we started to notice his typical first signs of anxiety we would give it to him, but he would work himself into such a tizzie we would give him an extra pill as instructed by his doctor because it would usually be in the middle of the night, we hated to see him suffer and we just wanted to be able to sleep. But by the next morning he would seem extremly drugged and that became unacceptable to me. That same day I was on Facebook and I saw an advertisement for Looked at the website and became excited about the possibilites of the product. The place where we have him groomed and boarded and buy his food had them in stock as well. I was glad I could look at the display and see it. As soon as we got home from having him groomed I ordered one. It took 2 times for maximum benefit! We have been able to completely replace the anxiety drugs with the Thundershirt. So now that it is thunderstorm and firework season and are able to forsee an event that is going to cause him anxiety show it to Tobey, tell him “Lets put your brave suit on.” and he stands perfectly still and has never tried to make it come off of him. He even seems to like to wear it because he struts a little bit when he is wearing it. So I truly believe that if the Thundershirt can calm my dog’s anxiety, there should only be a tiny percentage of extreme cases that it wouldn’t work. So thank you for inventing such a fabulous alternative to medications. I look forward to new dog products from your company in the future. 🙂

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