Summer Storm Safety

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As we are all aware, summertime storms can cause MAJOR anxiety and stress in our dogs and cats. And, it’s just about that time of year when super storms and hurricanes begin to arrive. Using a Thundershirt is an excellent way to calm your dog or cat should heavy winds, thunder and rain begin to pick up. In addition to using a ThunderShirt, here are a few more tips to keep in mind should heavy storms and troublesome weather arrive:
  • A permanent pet ID such as microchip is advised to help you locate your pet in case they get lost.
  • Keep pets inside and monitor them when the go out for bathroom breaks, at times, storms can spook pets into running away.
  • Photograph each pet and store these pictures with other important documents in sealed/waterproof plastic bags.
  • Make sure that your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations. Boarding kennels typically require proof of current vaccinations.
  • During a storm, you can play pet-friendly, classical music, or even run a load of dishes or laundry. The calming or familiar noise may be relaxing to your pets.
  • Also, have your pets’ favorite toy, blanket and/or bed nearby during a severe storm.
  • Try not to scold a scare pet as it may confuse them and reinforce fearful behaviors.
We hope you have a safe and calming storm season!

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