Strike a Pose!!!!

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Ever tried to catch a picture of your dog and were unsuccessful? Have no fear? Here are three tips to ensure your pooch is picture perfect! 1. Get ground cover
 Kneeling or lying on the ground to shoot from low viewpoints can be uncomfortable, especially on a wet day. Taking along some plastic sheeting to keep you dry will make the experience more bearable. 2. Include their favorite toys
 Keeping your pet’s attention while you get your shots is always tricky, but most will have a favorite toy that you can use to keep them occupied. This prop might also give your shots extra character. 3 Try some treats Sometimes your dog might need some encouragement. Arm yourself with a pocketful of treats that will get your dog to play along, and reward them when you get the shot you want. (via) Do you have a good pic of your dog? Send it or post on out Facebook page!

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