Four Tips for Making the Most Out of Your ThunderShirt

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If you’re a pet parent whose fur baby deals with anxiety on the regular, ThunderShirt can help. ThunderShirt’s gentle, constant pressure hugs your pet’s chest, making them feel safe, calm, and like everything’s going to be okay. Whether you’re thinking about buying a ThunderShirt, or you’ve already got one, we’ve got some tips to help make sure your pet reaches maximum calm.

Tip #1: The Calm Before the Storm

Putting a ThunderShirt on is simple and quick to do, but it always helps to practice a few times in a comfortable, familiar setting when your pet is calm. This also gives your pet a chance to get used to ThunderShirt’s gentle pressure in a safe-feeling environment.
Expert tip: Not sure if you’ve got it on right? Send a photo to for help with the fit.

Tip #2: Positive Vibes

It’s a good idea to build positive associations with the ThunderShirt so they know it means love and snuggles whenever they see it. We have a couple of tricks you can try to help with that. First, try putting the ThunderShirt in your laundry basket for a day or two so it really absorbs your scent, and smells familiar to your pet. They’ll immediately feel more comfortable with the new sensations. Second, when you first show the ThunderShirt to your pet, use it like a “plate” for some of her favorite treats. Pets are more likely to love anything that brings them food! If your pet is especially sensitive or anxious, you might repeat this introduction a few times on consecutive days before you even try putting the ThunderShirt on your pet.

Tip #3: A New Sensation

For some pets, the gentle hug from the ThunderShirt might be a new sensation. Some may look like they’re “frozen” or a little stuck at first. That’s completely normal and safe. To get them moving, try playing tug-of-war, tossing a ball, or anything else your pup enjoys doing. Almost all pets quickly learn to love them. Many people have even told us stories about how their pets go and get their ThunderShirt and take it to their owners whenever a storm is coming!

Tip #4: Fresh and Fabulous

When it is time to clean your ThunderShirt, just toss it in the washing machine with cold water and hang to dry.
Expert tip: To keep the hook-and-loop fasteners from attaching to other items in the wash, fasten each of the straps and flaps similar to when the ThunderShirt is on your pet.

For more tips and information on using your ThunderShirt, visit our FAQ page.

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  1. We have 2 Thundershirts and love them!! One of our dogs always “falls over” after we put it on since he’s SO relaxed! Our big pit bull loves hers and always comes to me when it’s time to put it on! Perfect for this time of the year in South Florida – we have thunderstorms every afternoon!! Thank you for such a great product!

  2. My Yorkie loves to wear his thundershirt. It has worked really well with the thunderstorms. He now gets up on the couch and goes to sleep with his shirt on. He used to pant , pace and tremble. I wish it worked as well on the boat he is better but not relaxed enough. Maybe the spray will help. Will give it a try.

  3. I have been so pleased with how much the Thundershirt has helped my dog, Angel. She has always been terrified of storms but she immediately starts doing better when we put the Thundershirt on her. She hasn’t gotten to the point where she brings it to us but we can see her start to relax the minute we pick it up. I’ve just ordered the Calming Spray to see if that won’t help even more. I’ve also ordered a can for my cats so the trip to the vet isn’t so traumatic. Thank you Thunderworks!!

  4. My dog love her thunder shirt, she get a funny scared look on her face when a storm is coming. I pull out her shirt and she comes running to it. I put it on and she is like a different dog, happy & wagging her tail. It is wonderful!! My previous dog loved it also. If you have a skiddish dog the Thunder shirt will work to calm them down.

  5. My Chihuahua (Jag) use to always getting super exited with visitors and ever since we got the Thundershirt and put it on him when he gets too exited, it works! Brings down his excitement level by 75% which is amazing to watch the change. Great idea, we are going to try it in the car, since he gets anxious when we go out for a ride. Great stuff!

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