Dog Owner Struggling with Noise Anxiety

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Found another post from a dog owner with some rough storm phobia going on at
The dog, on the other hand, is getting better and worse. I tried melatonin and it definitely helped– he’s not shivering or panicking quite so hard, but he is still scrabbling at the floor– and now it doesn’t take much of a storm at all, sometimes no storm whatsoever (no storm elicits more of a “fluffing”; it’s less panicked and he will stop on command). I fear that the TERRIBLE storms we had last weekend have made him extra anxious at night and with storms– it had already been a traumatic day with 2 trips to the vet and a bad med reaction. I wish we’d never seen those pills. I still haven’t given it to him again, and I am going to continue with the melatonin and perhaps add Rescue Remedy or one of the pheromone diffusers. I’ve also heard good things about valerian– any thoughts? We will also go with a new bigger bed (it’s time anyway) with lots of blankets and sheets to dig at and fluff– the vet also suggested some counter-conditioning with thunder CDs.
A sad but common story, and that’s why we made the Thundershirt.  For a long list of dog storm phobia stories with happy endings, check out our Testimonials page.

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