Combine the Powers of Calm!

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If you are on this site, then chances are you have already heard of the calming power of a ThunderShirt. But now ThunderShirts can be even better!

Introducing ThunderEase Calming Pheromones. Available for Dogs, Cats And Multi-Cat households. Plug in the diffuser for continuous calming, or spray a little on your pet’s ThunderShirt to combine your powers of calm.

ThunderEase Pheromones are over 90% effective in treating unwanted pet behavior. More calm, or your money back. Guaranteed!

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  1. what would you suggest for a old cat who wants to be left alone and a new puppy who is always trying to play/fight with him? Cat has also started spraying since we got the puppy

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      ThunderEase for Cats can help with the territorial spraying. As for how they interact, you will likely want to work on a training regimen to help them slowly get used to each other, and our ThunderShirt and ThunderEase pheromones can be great aids to help that training progress more quickly.

  2. Actually i heard of the pheromones first as they were suggested by the sale clerk at Petco. The idea that this would work was not something I could really believe but I was starting to get desperate as by poor dog was freaking out and beside herself when anyone came near the house. So I brough it home, and read the directions, found the appropriate wall plug and plugged it in. It took 24 hours to notice a difference but we did. For the first time in her 3 years she slept through the mail being delivered. I actually got worried and went looking for her when she did not come barreling into the living room ready to take the front door down when the package was delivered to the door. I am now ordering a Thundershirt and a leash, I am definately a believer

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